Dianne Shoenfelt Licensed Massage Therapist - Lymphatic Therapy
Dianne Shoenfelt Licensed Massage Therapist - Nationally Certified and State Licensed, Professional since 1999
 Lymphatic Enhancement Treatments
& Detoxification Therapies
Get Your First Session FREE!
*Regularly $50

Lymphatic Therapy can benefit anyone seeking
optimum health and wellness.
Or Relief from:
Chronic Fatigue,
Lyme Disease,
Chronic widespread or localized pain,
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity/Environmental Illness
and much, much more!
Lymphatic therapy Assists in healing from the
side effects of Cancer treatment.
Breaks up scar tissue, adhesions, and opens
blocked energy meridians.
Increases blood and lymph flow, assisting in more efficient removal of the toxins we encounter daily.

The Lymphstar Pro can also be used in
cosmetic applications such as:
Facial Rejuvenation,
Reducing puffiness and fluid retention,
Cellulite reduction,
Assists in healing, and reduce swelling after cosmetic surgery and liposuction.
Lymphatic Therapy assists the body in healing itself.  It is soothing and relaxing treatment,
yet invigorating and rejuvenating. 
The effects are long lasting and life changing!

  • Your first Lymphstar Session is FREE!
  • Lymphstar Sessions, regularly:  $50

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